Lars Blønd

My name is Lars Blond. Currently I am chief surgeon at Aleris-Hamlet Parken Private Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark and consultant at Zealand University Hospital, Køge

I am specialised in Orthopaedic Surgery and an experienced arthroscopic surgeon, with a subspeciality practice in the shoulder and knee. I also deal with some elbow and ankle problems where arthroscopy is indicated. My main goal is to help people to have an active life and with less pain. If you want to read more about my working life and download most of my scientific papers read here

The main reason for this webpage is to outspread and promote the procedure arthroscopic trochleoplasty - a surgical procedure I developed nearly 10 years ago - and which has become very successful for some patients having laxity of the kneecap or chronic anterior knee pain. Patients are often referred to me from abroad for this procedure and/or the sister procedure of MPFL reconstruction. Often patients contact me by e-mail and we can follow through to a Skype meeting to discuss your situation. Sometimes such discussions are followed by proceeding to surgery.

On this website you can find very specialised information - most of it is for the really nerdy - but if you have a shoulder or knee problem - such as a unstable kneecap or chronic anterior knee pain - then you may find some of the information useful.

I used to be a competitive sportsman, and have empathy with shoulder and knee problems of athletes. Today kitesurfing is where I get my fun.

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Where I work:
Aleris-Hamlet Parken,
Øster Alle 42, 2. sal
2100 KBH Ø,
Tel: +45 35 44 10 00

[email protected]

Zealand University Hospital, Køge
Lykkebaekvej 1,
4600 Koege, Denmark,
Tel: +45 56 63 15 00

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